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About us


investment firm

Investment leaders based in Portugal

based in Portugal

We combine the insight of a regional expert with the capabilities of a global investment firm, Davidson Kempner Capital Management. This partnership enables us to recognize the best opportunities and overcome complex challenges across industries.

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Our mission

At ECS, our driving force is turning investment into value while prioritizing the best interests of our investors. We are committed to delivering exceptional returns through a relationship built on ethics, trust, and transparency.

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Our values

Integrity, teamwork, excellence, innovation.

ECS believes in conducting business with unwavering honesty and integrity, working hard, and operating as a cohesive team. We hold ourselves and each other to the highest professional standards and are determined to find creative solutions to the complex challenges we face. We embrace innovation and constantly seek opportunities to improve. These values are key to our success and have enabled ECS to achieve its investors’ goals.

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Our milestones

Our journey

Our journey to the present has gone through different phases in accordance with varying market cycles and evolving business opportunities:



Market Context:

  • Positive GDP growth prospects
  • High availability of debt
  • PE sector emerging as a new source of capital in Portugal

ECS Strategy:

Firm was established as a generalist growth/buyout PE fund manager, launching its 1st fund (FA)



Market Context:

  • Signs of economic slowdown
  • Government borrowing costs sore and internal demand collapses
  • Growth of NPLs

ECS Strategy:

First mover shift towards corporate distressed debt, becoming market leader with an innovative approach



Market Context:

  • Sovereign debt crisis and severe austerity measures imposed by the government
  • Asset prices depreciation and increased real estate NPLs

ECS Strategy:

Expansion into real estate distress debt investments



Market Context:

  • Renewed focus on growth
  • Yields peaked since the onset of the financial crisis, a trend which was reversed

ECS Strategy:

Focus on optimizing operational platforms and in value creation opportunities, through asset development and repositioning



Market Context:

  • Strong market momentum, with increasing investment volumes and prime yields dropping to record low levels
  • Tourism industry thriving, with increasing reputation and growing demand

ECS Strategy:

Monetize value created and profit from market momentum

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Our team

The importance of collaborative work

Our achievements are the result of the talent and strengths of each member of our team and of all the collaborative work we develop every day. We bring together diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and perspectives to ensure that we approach every opportunity and challenge with a well-rounded approach.