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Overview Portugal Strategic Growth Fund

The Portugal Strategic Growth Fund will invest, directly or indirectly, in companies with high growth and appreciation potential, that preferably pursue their activity in real estate, real estate development projects, urban rehabilitation, hospitality, tourism, real estate management and complementary services to these activities.
The Fund is dedicated to the capitalization of companies, was constituted under Portuguese legislation, with at least five years of maturity and with 60% (sixty percent) of the value of investments made in commercial companies based in the Portuguese territory thus complying with the terms and conditions established by Law No. 23/2007, of 4 July for Residence Permit for Investment Activity (‘ARI - Autorização de Residência para Atividade de Investimento’).
The Fund is a CMVM regulated 'Fundo de Capital de Risco', a private equity fund regulated by the Portuguese securities and exchange commission.